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The "UNIVERSAL BAU '96" Trade and Service Limited Company was established into a business company in 1996 which came from a sole trade founded in 1988; thus, the company has a history of more than 3 decades and the associated experience and knowledge. The company was founded by Miklós Molnár, a sole proprietor, and Zoltán Imre Katona, a private individual.

Our company deals with the construction, renovation and conversion of residential and non-residential buildings, as well as with deep construction activities and general construction.

This division concerns the following

Construction of any type of residential building

  • Family house
  • multi-apartment building

Any type of non - residential building construction such as

  • industrial building, factory, assembly plant, workshop
  • hospital, school, office building
  • hotel, commercial building, shopping center, restaurant
  • airport building
  • indoor sports facility
  • garage building with underground garage
  • storage
  • religious building
  • on-site assembly and erection of the building structure
  • renovation of an existing residential building

The basis of our success is due to the quality policy of our company: thorough preparation, accurate and precise work and first class workmanship. The most important thing for us is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

Our company also has a 2,300 m2 facade scaffolding system.

Our machines

  • JCB JS145W rotary excavator
  • JCB 3CX backhoe loader
  • MERCEDES ATEGO 1823 AK heavy truck
  • MAN TGA 01 truck
  • MOESLEIN SKAM 3 trailer
  • CASE SR150 skid-steer loader
  • HYUNDAI wheel chain rotary excavator

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