Our references

Locksmith works, fences, waste bins, sewage bins

Further references

  • DE, Kossuth Lajos Gyak. Gim. and General School, Kossuth u., IV. upgrading of the upstairs teacher washroom
  • Reconstruction of the flushing of the toilets in the water blocks of the József Borsos College building, room cleaning painting
  • Renovation of the business premises of Hajdú Takarék Savings Cooperative, Józsa branch office
  • Electrical work in kindergartens
  • HBMKH accessibility
  • Gábor Baross Secondary School Vocational School and College interior renovation, electrical renovation
  • Reconstruction of the old building of Dr. János Földi Primary and Art School
  • Roof repair of the Reformed church in Hajdúhadház
  • Renovations and alterations on behalf of the City of Debrecen
  • Bearings Kft. Construction of a two-apartment residential building and a bearing-drive parts specialist shop
  • István Bocskai Bilingual Primary School attic installation
  • Debrecen, Kertekalja u. Family house
  • Debrecen, Kondoros residential park
  • Debrecen, Csanak u. Family house
  • Refugee Reception Station of the OIN Refurbishments and alterations
  • Hajdú Takarék Takarékszövetkezet (Téglás) renovation, transformation
  • Dr. János Földi Primary and Art School reconstruction
  • Debrecen-Józsa, Október 6. u. Family house
  • Debrecen, Bojtorján u. Family house
  • Construction of the Central Medical Office (Hajdúhadház)
  • Hajdúsági Takarékszövetkezet (Hajdúhadház) renovation, remodeling
  • Refugee Reception Station of the BM BAH renovation and alterations
  • Renovations and alterations on behalf of the City of Debrecen
  • DKV Rt. (Debrecen, Salétrom u. 3.) canal and road reconstruction
  • Debrecen, Dolmány u. Family house
  • Debrecen - Józsa, Hadvezér u. Family house


Some other works

  • Remodeling of Extreme Digital Zrt. place in (Debrecen, Piac u.)
  • Remodeling of Józsapark Savings Cooperative
  • KITE Office building (Nádudvar) renovation
  • Transformation of Komáromi Italház Bt. (Debrecen, Vágóhíd u.)
  • Renovation of the Re-Fo-Mix Kht. (Debrecen, Piac u.)
  • DTV (Debrecen, Petőfi tér) conversion, renovation
  • Debrecen Cultural and Festival Center Kft. (Debrecen, Petőfi tér) renovation
  • DKV Rt. (Debrecen, Salétrom u.) remodeling

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