Our services

General construction of residential and non-residential buildings

General construction includes the complete construction of the building.

Including all work involved in construction work (earthworks, foundations, concreting, masonry, carpentry, plastering, roofing, tinning, tiling, door and window installation, painting, insulation); mechanical work (cooling, ventilation, heating, gas, water and sewer installation, kitchen technology); also electrical work (strong current, week current, solar), garden and paving work.

Facade scaffolding rental

Our company has a 2 300 m2 Layher Blitz facade scaffolding system.


We do earthworks with our JCB type machines. We can also help transport the excavated land. Earthworks include the removal of base trenches, landscaping, and the construction of excavations.

Energy renovations

In the course of energy renovations, the complete renovation of the facade is to be understood, as well as the installation of a solar panel and the development of internal mechanical works.

Construction of steel frame structures

Complete construction of steel frame structures.

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